Choose The Right Web Hosting Provider for Your Business

The Internet is filled with hundreds of Web Hosting service providers. These service providers offer various hosting plans for varying levels of flexibility and control. Some of these service providers are better than others.

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Dedicated Web Hosting: With dedicated web hosting service providers, website owners are able to enjoy complete control over their websites. They are provided with their own dedicated server as well as the necessary software and facilities required by the website. With a dedicated web host, website owners are able to deploy their own operating platform (OS), software, and applications. This kind of hosting service is best for those who want more control.

Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting: Most web hosting service providers offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space. However, the services they offer may not necessarily be to meet the requirements of every website. Therefore, it is important to look into the options carefully before signing up for a specific plan. For instance, some hosting service providers provide unlimited bandwidth and storage space, but may not provide email hosting services.

Shared Hosting: This is the most common form of hosting service among website owners. As the name suggests, a website owner can share his/her server with other website owners, with the condition that they all share the technical knowledge and responsibility for operating the server. The technical knowledge, however, is limited to basic software installation and basic maintenance. Shared hosting type is also good if you don’t have much technical knowledge.

Reseller Web Hosting: This is an ideal option for people who want to start online business ventures. In this kind of hosting service, web host shares resources with other customers, while also maintaining complete control over websites. In turn, many websites can be hosted on one server. A reseller web hosting service provider can also help to outsource website development and management tasks, thus allowing customers to focus on their core businesses.

Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting: If your websites need high amounts of bandwidth, then an unlimited bandwidth hosting option is what you are looking for. There are many web hosting companies that offer this kind of hosting service. However, the cost of these hosting plans may be very high, in comparison with other options. Therefore, it is important to do your homework carefully and find out whether or not an unlimited bandwidth hosting option is best for your website.

Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting allows users to access the data files of other websites without having to know any technical knowledge. For instance, you can upload videos or pictures using a digital camera and access them from any internet connected computer. Due to its ease of use, it has become very popular among those who want to share their knowledge and information online. Most of these cloud hosting providers also offer free set up, along with high uptime guarantee, and a money back guarantee.

Domain Names: If you want to host your website on your own server, then you have to purchase or buy domain names. There are many web hosting providers that allow you to buy up domains as you need them, for a fixed price. However, there are also many web hosting providers that allow you to choose your own domain names, which can prove to be more convenient. Finally, if you need to expand your business, you may consider purchasing multiple domain names, as many domain names can be bought for less than a dollar each.

Domain Registration: Usually, web hosts offer domain registration as a part of their hosting package. Some providers also offer domain name registration for free. In addition, some providers charge a small registration fee to register several domain names. Before you choose a hosting provider, make sure they offer domain registration. If they do not include domain registration in the package, find out whether they will include it separately or at a much higher rate.

Uptime Guarantee: It is important for web hosts to provide an uptime guarantee. This means that their website will be available to their visitors and will be operational 100% of the time. Since many websites online are used daily, it is vital for the web host to guarantee that their servers will remain functional at all times. Some providers may require a monthly uptime guarantee, while others provide a yearly guarantee.

Free Web Hosting: When you sign up for a paid website hosting account, you usually have to sign up for a free domain name as well. This is because web hosts normally need domain name space to be able to list their paid websites on the Internet. However, there are still many free hosting websites on the Internet. Some free hosting providers offer free domain names and hosting accounts. Find out how many domain names you will need to accommodate your websites and get a free web hosting provider.

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