Fast Web Hosting – Things Considered When Hosting Fast

Web hosting is a huge market, and with over one billion web sites hosted on the Web, there are many aspects of it that are undergoing change every day. One such change is the increasing interest by smaller Web hosts in offering hosting solutions with more advanced features and technologies. Cpanel is one of these companies that have started to provide Web hosting management systems to small businesses. Cpanel is a simple to use control panel which includes an email program, a news reader, a content manager and a statistics program.

The basic components of a cPanel include a Webmail account and an account manager. The Webmail account allows clients to post comments, blogs, articles or other material to the Web site and view their email. The account manager manages the list of domains and sub-domains, which are allowed on the Web hosting account. The administrator can also change various settings for the website, including its homepage and the login name. This manager is also responsible for providing customer support and helping maintain the security and stability of the site.

One of the basic benefits of choosing a cpanel based hosting solution is that the Web hosting company is able to offer many added services. For example, cpanel provides advanced tools for monitoring, managing and building databases. It also offers different levels of access to the Web site, including full control over the server software while keeping it easy to administer. It’s the ideal choice for a company that wants to take advantage of advanced tools and technologies, without requiring technicians to troubleshoot and change the existing server software.

Another major benefit of the Cpanel hosting is that it’s compatible with all major search engines. The company offers many different options for search engine optimization and is very familiar with how search engines work and what options are available for Webmasters who want to maximize the potentials of their current traffic. One of the advanced features of cPanel is the built-in Google AdWords account. With this account, you can manage PPC campaigns while still improving your response time for customers. When managing PPC campaigns with a cPanel based hosting plan, it’s important to make sure you have an experienced SEO company to handle the campaign, in order to maximize its potential. By using Google AdWords, you can manage your advertising budget with a great deal of efficiency.

The Web hosting company constantly upgrades its infrastructure to improve its response time for customers. One of the major things considered when improving panel’s response time is maintaining email accounts. While maintaining an email account in cPanel is easy, things like spam filters and junk mail are not. The company takes the steps to manually check any suspicious mails and delete them in the spam folder, which improves the overall reliability of your email accounts.

Aside from email accounts, the company also offers different types of Web hosting management systems, including WordPress installation and database management. If you’re planning to use a WordPress installation, it’s best that you work directly with a cPanel developer who can help you set up a WordPress installation with all the necessary components. WordPress websites are highly popular with bloggers, because it enables them to easily update their blogs. By hosting your WordPress website on cPanel, you can update your blog anytime by just updating the plug-in list in your cPanel website.

For database management, there are two options: you can use cPanel-based software or Litespeed web server. Both hosting plans offer free support for databases and PHP scripts, which significantly reduces the time needed to set up databases. Another factor to consider is that while both Litespeed and cPanel support automatic email reporting and archiving, cPanel’s functionality allows it to manage users’ email accounts more effectively. You can import email addresses from Mailchimp, POP3 and other third-party services, and Litespeed’s free version includes a built-in auto-responder, which will help you save time.

Lastly, you have to take into consideration the performance and scalability of your hosting plan. Both Litespeed and Turbo plans come with unlimited bandwidth, but it would be a good idea to compare their maximum wait time. The average wait time that users experience while using a basic shared hosting plan is about five minutes. With Litespeed’s Turbo Plans, you can expect your wait time to be up to ten seconds, while for a basic shared hosting plan, the wait time is just three to four seconds.

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